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How to Appear Positive Online In the Age of Digital Obsession Shares Walter Halicki

Living during the age of digital obsession, how we look online is more important than ever before.In fact, a recent study shared that 56% of internet users type their own name into Google to see how they look online. This is certainly one of the most popular tools for seeking more information about all types of things.

If 56% of people use this to look up information about themselves, it’s easy to imagine similar or even higher results of what people search when it comes to what they don’t know about. Google is known as a go-to starting point to look up reviews or information about businesses, brands or even other individuals and is considered to be a very trustworthy source. So for those who do have negative items appearing in the search results, it can be something that devastatingly affects their livelihood shares reputation expert Walter Halicki.

It might seem easy at first to try to fix this problem, and many try to handle this process on their own. Trying to accomplish this alone merely ends up wasting precious time. The longer these negative items appear online, the more credibility and staying power they seem to have.

That’s why it’s important to act fast, and to consult someone familiar with the online reputation management process. Whether a small company, a budding new business or a multi-national corporation, reputation expert Walter Halicki and the staff at Reputation Maxx are here to help. For more information about how you can start cleaning up all your dirt online today, please visit