How to Appear Positive Online In the Age of Digital Obsession Shares Walter Halicki

Living during the age of digital obsession, how we look online is more important than ever before.In fact, a recent study shared that 56% of internet users type their own name into Google to see how they look online. This is certainly one of the most popular tools for seeking more information about all types of things.

If 56% of people use this to look up information about themselves, it’s easy to imagine similar or even higher results of what people search when it comes to what they don’t know about. Google is known as a go-to starting point to look up reviews or information about businesses, brands or even other individuals and is considered to be a very trustworthy source. So for those who do have negative items appearing in the search results, it can be something that devastatingly affects their livelihood shares reputation expert Walter Halicki.

It might seem easy at first to try to fix this problem, and many try to handle this process on their own. Trying to accomplish this alone merely ends up wasting precious time. The longer these negative items appear online, the more credibility and staying power they seem to have.

That’s why it’s important to act fast, and to consult someone familiar with the online reputation management process. Whether a small company, a budding new business or a multi-national corporation, reputation expert Walter Halicki and the staff at Reputation Maxx are here to help. For more information about how you can start cleaning up all your dirt online today, please visit

Walter Halicki Enjoys a Sunset in Cabo

Walter Halicki Sunset in Cabo
Walter Halicki, CEO of JW Maxx Solutions, enjoys a sunset in Cabo San Lucas.

Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful location, and Online Reputation Management Expert Walter Halicki strives to ensure each of his clients have an online reputation as pristine as this sunset.  By leveraging a number of different reputation management tools, Walter Halicki is able to defend and repair a variety of online reputations.


Walter Halicki Mentions “Reputation Management” Should Be Part of a Business & Marketing Plan

Walter Halicki, CEO of JW Maxx Solutions a leading reputation management and maintenance company shares that “reputation management should be part of every companies business and marketing plan”.  What is being said about you or your business can make or break you.  One or two poor reviews will keep you from getting the traffic you want and protecting your online reputation should be managed daily. This form of prevention can make an enormous difference to your income it’s all about how the customer views you and what you do about it shares Walter Halicki.  JW Maxx Solutions helps leading companies and international clients make a difference when it comes to their online presence.

Walter Halicki specializes in providing “effective media outcome” for growth oriented companies worldwide.  JW Maxx Solutions designs a strategic plan to maintain and optimize a successful image and is known for their quick response to serious concerns and addresses them directly.  Having “Reputation management and maintenance” in your business plan can only help you become more successful with the way you are perceived online.

JW Maxx Solutions works “with clients” to help develop a strategic plan to enhance their online profile.  This plan helps to identify the areas of weakness and opportunity to make a business successful on the internet.  Walter Halicki also shares “at times” it may be appropriate “to quickly” respond efficiently and aggressively to make a change from negative reviews in extreme cases to more favorable reviews in a short time.  Clients’ needs differ “therefore” each proposal must be designed to help deliver change and opportunity to prevent negative sentiment.

JW Maxx Solutions offers a variety of solutions and services such as Crisis/Rescue Management, SEO, Consulting, Social Media, Marketing and Promotion, Video Marketing Online, Video Promotion, Brand Reputation, Reputation Defense and Celebrity Management. For additional information please contact JW Maxx Solutions or visit their website at

Walter Halicki and JW Maxx Solutions’ Team of Specialists Work with You and Your Online Reputation

Walter Halicki founder of JW Maxx Solutions has moved to the fore front of online reputation management and maintenance.  His company and team of experts specialize and work directly with clients to help prevent negative outcomes with their websites on the internet.   JW Maxx Solutions offer many different services when it comes to the internet and social media.  Walter Halicki has steered JW Maxx Solutions right to the top for Online Reputation Management.  His strategies promote excellent customer service and the customer come’s first attitude with no time to spare when it comes to Reputation Management and Crisis Rescue.

Wally Halicki specializes in providing positive media outcome for growth oriented companies worldwide.  “Destroy the negative search results linked to your business.”  Get the edge on the market as the “Internet” is the “World’s Biggest Marketplace” so having any negativity attached to your name or business can devastate your reputation so very quickly.   So what can you do?   JW Maxx Solutions with its team of experts specializing in creating, maintaining, promoting a company’s online reputation, have the expertise in management in the area of Brand Reputation, Celebrity Reputation, Featured, JW Maxx Solutions has it all, SEO Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Promotion, Uncategorized, Video Marketing Online, Video Promotion, Tagged with: Crisis Management Specialist, Online Reputation Defense, Online Reputation Management and the experts to help you protect your reputation with management strategies helping you along each step of the way.   More importantly it is imperative to protect your presence online especially in today’s business realm of online shopping, marketing or personal presence it is how you are viewed and talked about by the consumer.

So if you need help in this area or just want some expertise in maintaining what you already have, contact Walter Halicki or JW Maxx Solutions as they are the top leaders in this field.